Terms & Conditions

We aim to make our work process and terms and conditions as transparent and easy to understand as possible.

Graphic Design and Printing

Part of the proofing process is to eliminate errors before going into production. Customers need to double check that everything is correct in the design proof, including layout, text and spelling. By approving the artwork proof, it’s agreed that everything is correct the way it is shown in the proof. Whilst all care is taken by Minicorp to ensure a high quality standard, Minicorp is not responsible for artwork printed that contains incorrect details.

Approval of an order

Once an order is approved, no changes to content, layout, delivery or any other instructions can be made to the order. The order will need to be cancelled. The Customer is still liable to pay the full cost of the printing, as once artwork is approved and submitted to our printers, it is in production and will still be dispatched. Should changes wish to be made, a new job needs to be requoted and submitted. To confirm artwork for printing, sign-off by email is required by the Customer. Printing will begin once this is submitted to Minicorp and any requested payments are made.

Payment is required prior to printing. An invoice will be issued to the Customer and production will begin once payment has been received. See below ‘Invoices and Payments’ for more information.

Completion of work

Minicorp is proud of the work it produces and may want to share a watermarked image of it on their Facebook page. If you do not want to have your work displayed, just notify Minicorp in writing of this.

Uniforms and Promotional Items

Orders – Any order placed in writing or verbal to Minicorp by a client, by an employee of a company at the time of order, is a contract for order, and is bound by these Terms and Conditions. Orders are processed by Minicorp on the basis of payment being made at the time of placing the order, or at Minicorp’s discretion to work within timeframes of the client, and may begin on goodwill, with payment to be made by the client no later than the invoice due date. With regards to custom made items or promotional products (branded or unbranded), orders can not be subsequently cancelled by the Customer unless agreed to in writing by Minicorp prior to order production. Change of mind is not accepted. All costs involved in production of an order will be charged if the order is cancelled. If order is already in production it cannot be changed in any way or be cancelled. If goods are ordered specially or manufactured to Customer’s specifications and supplied to these specifications the above mentioned goods cannot be returned for credit, exchange or refund. If goods are ordered in especially for an order no returns, changes or cancellations will be accepted. Minicorp has the sole legal right to determine to refund, backorder or supply new or replacement items on any order that is delivered with missing or incorrect items. Minicorp will always endeavor to deliver all goods as requested on time but are not responsible or legally liable for any delays by third parties delivering to the Customer.

Changes/Cancellation – If the order quantity from the Customer is reduced after quoting the price, a requote will be required as prices may change. All costs involved in production of an order will be charged if the order is cancelled. If order is already in production it cannot be changed in any way or be cancelled. If goods are ordered specially or manufactured to customer specifications, including branding and supplied to these specifications, the above mentioned goods cannot be returned for credit, exchange or refund. If goods are ordered in specially for an order no returns, changes, exchanges or cancellations will be accepted.

Sizing – At no point is Minicorp responsible for the way in which a customer interprets the size charts as supplied by our suppliers and displayed on the website. Minicorp may instruct ways in which to determine the most suitable sizing method but these instructions can not be held as liable unless Minicorp staff are present during the actual sizing and/or fitting. Without Minicorp staff actually being present at time of fitting or sizing, it is impossible for Minicorp to accept accountability for how a customer interprets or attempts to measure for sizing. At no time can branded stock be returned for exchange or credit due to incorrect sizes orders unless sizes ordered are found to be faulty by the actual manufacturer.

Garment Quality – Garment material may differ from time to time in weight and colour. This is considered the norm according to International standards as colours may slightly vary due to seasonal influences. Material will always exceed advertised weight but weight variance is common and acceptable. Minicorp can not take any responsibility for garments that appear slightly different as this is acceptable to a degree. 100% polyester garments are prone to pulling of threads. Please check garments carefully before wearing as once worn, we will not accept 100% polyester garments back for reasons of pulled thread. The reason is that this may occur during normal wearing and we can not be responsible for wearers care. Garment fabric by nature is not dsigned to have the additional stresses of embroidery threads put on them. For this reason some garments are more prone to embroidery pull-stress and may cause the embroidery to appeared bunched or pucking to a degree. This is potentially the case with business shirts or garments of similar weight and feel. Unfortunately such occurances are outside of our control and as such, a) Pucking on garments caused by embroidery is considered normal and acceptable and b) Minicorp will not be held responsible for any such pucking as such fabric reactions are outside of our control, though every care and consideration is applied by our supplier’s production team to try and prevent or minimalise this from occuring.

Customer Supplied Garments – All garments supplied by a Customer for branding must be NEW WITH TAGS attached. The Customer is responsible for any costs associated with supplying Minicorp with the garments required for an order. Minicorp is not responsible for any loss or damage to garments in transit. Because supplied garments are not an ‘approved’ sourced garment by our branding suppliers, Minicorp and their suppliers are not responsible for any garment faults when stitching or printing. Minicorp and their suppliers takes no responsibility if an embroidery machine error occurs, rarely does it happen but it could cause what is known as a “birdnest” and can cause a hole when trying to undo it. Minicorp and their suppliers are not legally responsible for refunding or replacing at their own expense any garment affected by machine errors. Do note, every care and consideration is applied by our supplier’s production team to try and prevent or minimalise this from occuring. Embroidery and printing for supplied garments may be charged at a higher embroidery and printing rate as decided by the supplier.

Returns – For branded items, garments can not be returned for refund, credit or exchange. Unbranded products may only be returned to Minicorp subject to the conditions as follows. Returns will not be considered unless accompanied a request is made by the client to Minicorp outlining reason for return, and providing a copy of the original invoice. Minicorp shall not accept the return of goods unless such goods are returned to Minicorp within 7 days of the receipt by the Customer. The Customer shall be responsible for any costs incurred in the return of goods unless Minicorp determines otherwise. Goods decorated (including embroidery, printing or any other branding) are not eligible for return under any circumstance. Minicorp reserves the right to determine what action if any is required on all decorated orders which in the rare occasion may be incorrectly decorated, not due to the fault of the client. Goods sent as ordered are not returnable under any circumstances unless incorrect style, incorrectly sized or damaged goods have been received by the Customer, not due to the fault of the client. Discontinued or Clearance stock items are not eligible for return under any circumstances. Goods returned must be in the original condition as sent, items must be in original packaging and not worn, laundered, soiled, altered, damaged, labeled or personalized or they will not be accepted for a refund. Claims on faulty goods will be considered within 7 days from date of supply. If it is considered that the faulty good is the responsibility of Minicorp or a supplier which Minicorp, in its sole judgment and discretion considers to be faulty then at the discretion of Minicorp may either replace the goods or the customer may be reimbursed. Minicorp may, from time to time, issue guidelines for the return of items claimed by the Customer to be faulty & will not entertain any claim in respect of goods claimed to be faulty not made in accordance with such guidelines. Minicorp reserves the right to change such guidelines without notice. Minicorp can not accept returns for refund or credit/exchange for the following unbranded labels; John Kevin, City Collection, Visitec, Urban Nature, Keval, Ramo Shirts, Biz Collection Shirts, Gear For Life Shirts or shirts sent in packaging as these manufacturers do not accept returned items and therefore Minicorp must unfortunately pass this ruling on to our customers. Should you send item(s) back for refund or exchange and they are not in the original packaging, Minicorp has the right to refuse acceptance of the goods or will on-charge a supplier’s repacking fee to cover the costs involved with packaging material and staff labour.

Goods and Services Tax – 10% GST is applicable to all our goods and services. Minicorp reserves the right to adjust or amend prices in accordance with any alteration of changes to tax legislated by the Australian Government.

Urgent Orders – Minicorp is happy to do urgent orders, but any additional expenses may be passed on to the Customer for payment before the order can be processed. Minicorp is not in any way legally liable for any goods not arriving at any destination by a due date.

Administration Services

After discussing a Customer’s requirements and anticipated time to complete, our services will be discussed and quoted. An official quote outlining the required services will be emailed (where possible) to the Customer for signed acceptance. Minicorp requires written acceptance in order for work to commence. If work is forwarded prior to this, then it will be assumed that the quote has been accepted and the Customer wants work to proceed. A deposit may be required with acceptance of the quotation.

Minicorp will endeavor to provide an error-free product, however final proof-reading is the responsibility of the Customer and Minicorp will not be responsible for any oversight of the client.

Invoices and Payments

All information required to make payment for goods and services supplied by Minicorp are clearly stipulated on an issued invoice. Terms are usually 7 days unless an alternative due date is stipulated on an invoice. Payment is to be made by direct deposit. Minicorp retains ownership of all goods and artwork until payment has been made. For orders of hardware and printing, payment is required on issue of the invoice, prior to goods being sourced.


Additional fees and charges may apply if payment is not received by the due date. Minicorp will not be responsible for loss of business or monetary losses due to non-payment. If a Customer is past due date on any invoice or service, then Minicorp may decide not to supply additional services requested by the Customer until the account balance on ALL outstanding invoices are paid in full. Please communicate with us if you are having a problem paying your invoice or paying on time. If payment continues to remain outstanding, Minicorp will engage with a debt collection service to retrieve the outstanding amount, and any costs incurred to do so will be passed on to the client.

Minicorp Marketing

By engaging Minicorp in submitting enquiries, receiving quotes and invoices and/or requesting samples or joining Minicorp Facebook page, you agree to receive email and online communication for Minicorp specials, promotions and general newsletters. We will not bombard you with countless messages and we will not sell/pass on your information to any third parties unrelated to our business dealings. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing us at enquiries@minicorp.com.au.


Minicorp may revise these terms at any time by updating this website page. You should visit this page from time to time to review the then current terms. Minicorp may not always notify you in writing if additions and/or updates have been made. Certain provisions of these terms may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages at this site. Minicorp reserves the right to update these terms and conditions of at any time. Your continued use of the Minicorp website and Minicorp services means that you accept those changes.