Newsletter Design Service

We would be happy to help create your newsletter for you, and of course if there is anything else graphic design-wise you need, we would love to help. We can organise your printing, so should there be a promotion you want to design and print, let us help you, so you can focus your time on running your business. 

Above are just a small number of examples on newsletters created. We try to create an inviting, fun feel design, keeping the corporate colours and look consistent in each edition. Do you have a design in mind that you would like to create? Want a 2-page for 4-page? We can adapt a style based on your corporate colours and design.

Images you want to use: the higher resolution of an image the better. For commercial printing, 300dpi is recommended for an image. Jpg or png is good to use, or if you want to send us images that you like, we can find a similar royalty-free image that is hi-res, to use. We use Adobe Illustrator to put the designs together, and output the commercial print file as .pdf, and .png’s for the individual images.

Supply of content: you can type your content directly into an email or a Word .doc (with any preferences/instructions you have). We just need to be able to copy/paste the text. Piecing content together is a bit like Tetris, so we will do our best to work to requests. You may want to use a special from WSM Word .doc template. You can just update the details on the template and email the file to us, and we can format it for use in the newsletter 

Timeframes: if using your newsletter for online/web purposes only, we need the content supplied 3-4 days prior to when you need it completed by. If it will be commercially printed, you will need to find out your printer’s turn-around times, and add this to the 3-4 days we need in creating to sign-off. 

Included in our newsletter service:

  • Pre-determined number of pages
  • Purchase of any required royalty free images
  • Image manipulation and photo enhancing to look their best
  • Proof reading and editing of content
  • Website and printable pdf version will be supplied
  • Individual web versions of your specials to use for Facebook

Required from you - Content supplied to us in a document/email format.

Required from you - Hi-resolution logo supplied to us for the first edition, preferably with transparent background. NOTE: If a hi-resolution logo cannot be supplied, we can organise to have a hi-res version produced, but we would need to charge for this as this is a lot of extra work. Of course, any associated costs would be advised prior to any work progressing.

The first edition will take a little extra time putting together the template, so an extra day or so would be helpful. Work done is invoiced with 7-day terms, payment by direct deposit. 

So rest assured, we take a lot of pride in what we create and the work relationships we establish, so you can be confident that you will get a high quality result. Contact us for a quote or for more information.